Linwood Church

dr. ed gonzalez

Dr. Ed Gonzalez - Senior Pastor

Dr. Eduardo ‘Ed’ Gonzalez has been the senior pastor of Linwood Baptist Church for over 18 years.  At age seventeen he began his life in ministry.

He has had diverse pastoral exposure and ministerial experience, feeding the impoverished tenants of the apartment complex he managed in Conroe, Tx, leading youth worship at Faith Outreach Center in Conroe under the direction of Rev. Clarence Dalrymple, pastoring a latino congregation, and ministering Christ to the outcaste and to the homeless.  He brings his zeal for the Gospel and compassion for the beloved of God to his work in the ministry, feeding both soul and body.

Dr. Ed was given license to preach in the Gospel ministry  in the summer of 2003 and later, in the summer of 2004  received ordination to the pastorate at Linwood Baptist Church.  He completed an extensive academic career with Louisiana Baptist University, receiving his Doctorate of Philosophy from the LBU School of Christian Counseling in May of 2007 and is a member in good standing with the American Association of Christian Counselors.