Founded in 1954, Linwood Church in Shreveport, LA, has been around a LONG time. Guess what? We have changed with the times too, but the message and mission of the Good News of Jesus Christ remains the same.

We invite you to come on Thursday evenings @ 6pm for a quick hour long learning service with FREE food. Yep – we are going to cook a meal for you and your family. 

Show up as you are – very casual is just fine with us.

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    We Believe in Jesus Christ

    We believe in God the Father, The Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ.

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    We teach the Word

    We teach the Word as written and believe in teaching before preaching.

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    We Believe in Neighborhood

    We believe that our own neighborhood should be first. Then we outreach to others.

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    We welcome Everyone

    Everyone is welcome here. Come as you are. Informal is perfectly fine.


Would you like to to help further God's ministry?

Giving and tithing are an important part of helping spread the Word of God. At Linwood.Church we also give back to our community through our Food Bank, Clothing Closet, and many other ways. If you feel that God wants you to help us help others, please click the Give button and use our secure system.

We'd Like to Know About You

We'd like to know just a little about you before you arrive. That way when you get here - we can greet you with kindness and love.

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Almost there

Excellent! There is nothing to it - we just would like some basic information AND we will be glad to answer any questions YOU might have for us.

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